(WHTM) — It’s been 50 years since the last American troop left Vietnam. And on Wednesday, March 29, local veterans honored those who fought and those who didn’t make it home.

“I am proud of my service in this country and for the Vietnam war,” said Richard Burton, a Vietnam war veteran. “We say if you say their name and that’s the idea to work for this event showed that these men are not forgotten.”

Members of the Vietnam Veterans of America honored 411 Vietnam veterans, from nine counties in central Pennsylvania, who died in the line of duty.

“Lots of memories obviously lots of memories from the time we left the men that I fought with in Vietnam the time I was in Vietnam and then the realization that there’s so many of my brothers around here brothers and sisters,” said Jay Snyder, a Vietnam war veteran.

Names and faces, etched in Midstate history.

“Well, I think what I felt most today was humbled at how many veterans gave up their lives the 411 names that we read today were just kind of overwhelming,” said Snyder.

Even though it ended in 1975, and over 3,000 Pennsylvania natives died in the Vietnam war and 50 years later those veterans are shown appreciation for their service.