ELLIOTSBURG, Pa. (WHTM)-For weeks, folks have stopped by to watch the Kolak Christmas light show in Elliotsburg and giving donations for one special family.

“It’s always exciting giving something to somebody that they don’t expect or didn’t expect,” Kevin Kolak said. He’s been putting up the display for six years straight.

All of the money donated will go to Amy Bankert and her family. Back in August, Amy’s husband was driving for UPS when he was involved in a crash on the Turnpike. His truck caught fire and took him. Amy is now raising four children. Their youngest was only three weeks old at the time.

“I mean we have our bad days and our bad moments. We melt down and cry, but we get back up and keep moving,” Bankert said.

Saturday night the Kolak’s presented her with a giant check, after they raised more than $8,000.

“I have no words. I’m very touched that people care that much. Even people that I’m sure donated that I don’t even know. It’s very touching that that many people care,” Bankert said.

“I’ve always been raised to think of other people, to help somebody. Everybody should have a purpose and it just so happens we found ours with Christmas lights,” Kolak said.

The money will help the Bankert family stay on their feet. The Kolak’s plan on putting up the light show and helping another family next year.