Fan gets tattoo to remember Eagles victory, Philly Special

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) - Matt Ranauro has two arms full of tattoos, but it's his latest that's grabbing national attention.

Ranauro is a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan, and when his favorite team won the Super Bowl, he wanted to remember the moment forever.

Ranauro has the trick play, the "Philly Special," inked on his elbow. He sent the diagram to Dreams Collide, a tattoo parlor in Lancaster, and they were happy to turn it into a permanent memory.

The fourth-and-goal play from the 1-yard line late in the second quarter set up a touchdown pass to quarterback Nick Foles and put the Eagles ahead 22-12 at the half.

The tattoo has grabbed attention from sports reporters across the country.

Ranauro is proud his ink is unique.

"I like to really find things that are special moments in time," Ranauro said. "(The) first Super Bowl victory, that play call, beating the Patriots, it was like this perfect storm. That's one of the reasons I got that. It's like that play, in particular, it's going to be hard to top that in the Super Bowl."

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