HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Camp Curtain Academy in Harrisburg was evacuated just after noon Thursday after a teacher reportedly pulled the fire alarm.

According to officials, the teacher pulled the alarm after a carbon monoxide detector she brought from home apparently sounded.

“Whatever teacher brought this in, I am not happy with the actions today and I wish they would have thought a little bit before they jumped in with both feet,” Harrisburg Fire Chief Brian Enterline said.

The school was evacuated and fire crews swept the building with several monitors.

“We have been in every classroom, every room in this building, even the roof, and we found no carbon monoxide,” Enterline said. “I am 100 percent satisfied with the air quality inside this building at this point.”

There have been air quality issues at the school due to an exhaust pipe. Crews are working to prevent fumes from recirculating into classrooms.

“Both of my teachers said they were feeling light headed yesterday,” said Imarr Finley, a Camp Curtain student.

Many frustrated parents picked their kids up early from school.

“I am  tired. My children are here to get an education and everything that is going on here can be resolved,” said Iennedra Finley, parent of two students.

Enterline said he believes the recent air quality report released and later retracted by Siemens has caused some unneeded panic.

“This issue was just blown out of proportion because of the Siemens report,” he said. “We see this all the time in buildings like this. One person feels sick, now everybody feels sick and quite frankly, nobody today that was seen by EMS was treated for any kind of carbon monoxide poisoning. This building in our professional opinion is 100 percent safe.”

Enterline said they recommended the school get brand new carbon monoxide detectors to put in the classrooms.