Fired from CNN, Jeffrey Lord remains an unwavering Trump supporter


CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) – Jeffrey Lord has become a familiar face as an ardent defender of President Donald Trump on CNN.

Earlier this month, he was fired for what the network calls an offensive tweet.

ABC27 caught up with Lord in his Camp Hill home where he cares for his 98-year-old mother.

Lord remembers a phone call exactly four years ago after writing a column.

“I said, ‘Yes?’ He said, ‘Jeffrey, this is Donald Trump.’”

Lord had written that positive column about Trump, which led to an invitation to Trump Tower.

The pundit credits his living in Camp Hill and not Washington for helping him come to the conclusion that few others did: that Donald Trump could win the presidency.

“I think he can carry Pennsylvania, which I always thought was possible ‘cause I thought he had that Reagan-style appeal to white, working class Democrats,” Lord said.

And Lord would know, seeing as he worked in the Reagan White House.

A year before the election, Lord wrote a book on Trump. He has maintained that fighting with the media is part of the billionaire’s appeal.

“People on our side think that the media has it out for all Republicans, all conservatives, all the time, and that too many of the Mitt Romneys of the world get taken to the cleaners, and they roll just over for it,” Lord said.

While Trump has taken heat for his comments following a fatal, racially-fueled incident in Charlottesville, Virginia, Lord insists the president is no racist, despite many saying he fires up white nationalists, neo-Nazis and the KKK.

“They’re misfits in American politics,” Lord said. “He doesn’t want any part of them. I don’t want any part of them.”

And Lord defended the president night after night on CNN, often alone at a desk full of detractors. He says he was targeted by a left-wing group working to silence conservative voices.

“These people are using terror-style – I call them Nazi-style fascist tactics – to shut down people they don’t like,” Lord said.

The pundit found himself in a Twitter battle and, he says, trying to mock the group, signed off “Seig Heil!” – the Nazi salute.

“I get to Newark in the CNN car and I get a call that they’ve gotta let me go because of this. I was truly astonished,” he said.

CNN called the tweet indefensible and fired Lord.

“I have no intention of apologizing because I don’t think I did the wrong thing,” Lord said.

Lord continues to praise Trump, insists he’s doing a good job, and says to pay no attention to sagging approval numbers.

“I remember Ronald Reagan’s poll numbers in 1982. They were terrible,” he said.

Lord says he will keep writing columns for the American Spectator, has a book in the works, and hopes other offers come along. 

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