HERSHEY (WHTM) – When Alexander Moulfair was a baby, he was diagnosed with Leber congenital amaurosis, a neurological dysfunction.

“He’s totally blind, autistic, epileptic and has other intellectual disabilities,” explains his father, Bill Moulfair.

Now 25 years old, the young man is making strides to enhance his life. He works out several times a week so that his mental disability does not impact his physical abilities.

“A lot of times, unfortunately, individuals who are blind, especially, have low muscle tone,” says Bill. “And it’s hard to keep them strong and in good physical shape.”

But Alexander has a little help, from trainers at Fitness 4 Focus.

“We’re seeing Alexander do things now, that he’s never done before,” says Bill.

Fitness 4 Focus is a gym with locations in Hershey and Lancaster. Founder and trainer, Chris Russell, says he came up with the idea while working as a TSS.

“I went to recess with a student and bounced a ball to him, five seconds after it passed, he turned to grab it,” remembers Chris, “it was then I realized people like him needed a place to improve their quality of life.”

Fitness 4 Focus opened in 2010. Chris’ staff has now grown, including people like Shawn Brown, who used to work as a trainer in a traditional gym.

“Not just as a trainer, but as a person it has changed me, as a whole,” says Shawn.

The clients, or athletes as they are referred to, have a range of special needs. Some, like Alexander, have multiple disabilities while others are on the Autism spectrum and need help staying focused.

All potential athletes meet with Chris and his trainers to be evaluated on cognitive ability, strength and hand-eye coordination. Based on the athlete’s skills, they are set up with a training program.

Despite facing challenges, these clients are not allowed to quit. And can never say the word “can’t.”

Chris says, “one of our athletes is temporarily unable to do this. We need to unlock and figure out how we can get them to do it.”

A mindset that helps the athletes gain independence and the trainers gain inspiration.

“I would love to see one of these on a corner in every town. If it was going to benefit individuals and we can strengthen people and make them healthier,” says Chris.

Chris hopes to open a gym in Mechanicsburg in the coming months. For more information visit the Fitness 4 Focus website.