LITITZ, Pa. (WHTM) — The Wolf administration is strongly encouraging long-term care facilities to update visitation policies, following new federal guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

For many residents, it’s been a year since they’ve been able to have visitors in person, not just on the other side of a window. Starting Monday, that will change on the campus of Brethren Village.

“Well in the past year, we have honestly been a bit sad because we miss family members. We miss seeing them,” said Keshia Simmons, clinical supervisor at Brethren Village.

Resident Anita Hess has felt the same way.

“Very lonely, and not going outside,” Hess said.

So the thought of visitors on campus has many excited.

“It would be nice. I think everyone would be appreciative of that to have visitors,” said resident Betty Addison.

All visitors must be screened for symptoms and enter and exit through the Welcome Center.

“Everyone of course is asked, even if you’ve been vaccinated, to wear your masks, still practice social distancing and hand hygiene,” Simmons said.

They’re encouraging no more than 2 visitors at a time and asking that those visits not be more than an hour long.

“To be able to see a resident’s face light up with awe, ‘I’m going to finally get to see my son, my daughter, my husband or my wife,’ it’s heartwarming,” Simmons said.

All visits will be in resident rooms, or outdoors and visitors aren’t allowed in common areas.

“My daughter’s coming here tomorrow night and helping me to clean up a little bit around here,” Hess said.

“Our smiles will now be ear to ear once again when we see how again, how much those family members can impact the residents’ overall care,” Simmons said.

If there should be any COVID cases on the campus, visitation will stop temporarily. The exception is compassionate caregiver visits, which can continue during an outbreak.