The state attorney general’s office has filed a legal action against a nursing home chain because it says the company failed to provide even the most basic care to residents. Now former employees are speaking out.

“I think it was by far one of the worst places that I’ve worked at. It really was,” Karen LeBlanc, a former nurse at Golden Living Center in Harrisburg, said.

“Every week, something would come up where you feel like you should’ve been able to do more, but, you couldn’t,” Percy LeBlanc, a former CNA at Golden Living Center in Harrisburg, said.

Percy and Karen LeBlanc say they were pushed out of their jobs working for Golden Living center in Harrisburg.

“You shouldn’t have to be subjected to work in a place like that,” Karen said.

The LeBlancs say they were passionate and cared for patients, but demands became too costly.

“These employees do work hard. Most of them work great together, help each other out, but you can only do so much with limited staff,” Percy said.

In her mind, it all boils down to neglect and upset residents.

“People not being changed, people not being turned, people not being taken care of wound wise, people not getting their medicine on time. And it’s not necessarily the staff who are trying their best to perform their job, it’s not getting enough help to do their job, not having enough hands to take care of the person who really needs you,” Karen said.

“If you have one aid for 15 people those people aren’t getting the care that they’re paying for,” Percy said.

The LeBlancs say problem’s don’t stop here and court documents show Golden Living centers across the state are accused of dirty deeds.

“In any of the facilities I’ve been at, plenty of people waiting to go to the bathroom, waiting to get bathed, sitting way too long in a brief. And they can’t do anything for themselves. They can’t get up, they can’t walk, they can’t go to the commode themselves, you see it every day,” Percy said.

Karen says issues go beyond mistreatment. Without oversight, most concerns are pushed to the side.

“Then they’re rushing around and trying to make everything look good but it’s not like that all year around,” Karen said.

The suit could restore money to families who had loved ones staying at the facilities. We reached out to Golden Living, but they did not return our call.