Girl Scouts introduce new cookie for 100 year anniversary


CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) —It’s that time of year again. Thin mints, caramel delights, shortbread and more are up for sale with the Girl Scouts of Western New York. This year, however, is a special year. A new cookie is being added to the mix.

The 2017 cookie season marks the 100th year of the first known sale of cookies by Girl Scouts. Of course 100 years ago cookie sales were a bit different than they are today.

Alison Wilcox, Chief Operating Officer at the Girl Scouts of Western New York told News 4 about the history of girl scouts. She said, “The girls developed their own cookies and then they sold them. Today we have commercial bakers and we are selling millions and millions and millions of cookies.”

What started as more of a bake sale to raise money for one troop in Oklahoma has turned into the biggest fundraiser for girl scouts across the nation.

Wilcox said, “In the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s it started growing into the National program it is today where we have the iconic Girl Scout brand and the iconic cookie flavors.”

This year, because of the commemorative anniversary, the Girl Scouts will launch a new cookie. Outdoor lovers get ready–it’s called s’mores.

Wilcox explains the reasoning behind the choice. “The reason the S’mores cookies was chosen was for two reasons. Girl Scouts actually had the first ever s’mores recipe published in the 1920’s and s’mores were s’mores a delicious treat that girls could take camping and it also highlights girl scouts long connection with the outdoors.”

But it’s not the traditional s’more you would sit down by a campfire and toast.

Describing the cookie, Wilcox says, “It’s a graham cracker cookie, double dipped in an icing, and then covered in a chocolate topping. No marshmallow in the cookie, but the cream icing kind of gives it a marshmallow feel.”

And it’s hard to believe but the employees who have had an early taste believe this could be a next level cookie.

She shared with News 4,”It’s a very delicious cookie and it may give thin mints a run for its money this year.”

Last year in Western New York the local Girl Scouts sold 1,750,000 boxes of cookies. 100% of the net revenue stays right here to help fund trips, camps, services projects, and running camp operations.

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