YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – There’s nothing scarier than to lose your eyesight because of a bad choice in Halloween costume.

Doctor Catherine Bene has been examining eyes for over three decades at Advance Eye Specialists. She thought she may have seen it all, but she still gets spooked.

“These days we’re seeing illegal contact lenses and various types of things to apply to your eyes such as LED lights that flash on and off,” said Dr. Bene.

Those illegal contact lenses often go by the label names of ‘zombie eyes’ and ‘lizard lenses’ and they often have various dyes and chemicals in them that could be toxic.

Doctor Bene says it’s not a one size fits all when it comes to our eyes. A bad fit could cause a deficiency in oxygen.

It’s a similar case when it comes to LED eye lashes, which expose the eyes to UV rays. Too much exposure to UV rays can create a similar effect to that of looking at a solar eclipse without the proper glasses.

And beware of eye makeup. If you don’t remove it fully, you run the risk of bacteria growth, which could also be very damaging and potentially cause burns or ulcers.

“For just the sake of a spooky night, it’s not worth risking something that you need for the rest of your life,” Doctor Bene said. “You have only one pair of eyes and you can’t transplant them.”

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