HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — There were no reported shootings in Harrisburg over the weekend, but people are still concerned about the recent violence in the city.

Cal Hollman has been bothered by the incidents, and he has been reaching out to young people that many consider hard to reach.

Hollman says it’s important to try to connect with those who are involved in street violence. He was shot in 1991 and was paralyzed for 18 months. “I got shot, and to this day, I still deal with complications,” said Hollman. “I still have the bullet in my spine.”

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Hollman was partially paralyzed and in a wheelchair for 18 months. He was seeking revenge until he was talked out of it by a Harrisburg police officer who knew he had a gun.

The officer took the clip out of the gun, gave the gun back to Hollman, and told him to go home. “And when I went home, I thought about that whole situation,” Hollman said.

That moment was critical in helping Hollman turn his life around, and now 31 years later, he is connecting with young people who have been written off. Hollman says there are challenges involved but he is committed to making a difference.

“A lot of them, all they need is guidance,” said Hollman. “I was one of those guys that needed talked to.”

Hollman says he’s optimistic some young people can turn their lives around because he was able to change his mindset.