Harrisburg population increases as area home sales rise

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) -- More people are buying homes in the Harrisburg area and Mayor Eric Papenfuse says the city's population is increasing.

"They want to be able to walk to work. They want to be able to walk to their grocery store, ride their bike. They don't want to live in a disconnected suburban community where you have to drive everywhere," Papenfuse said.

The Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors says 300 more homes were sold this year than by this time last year. However, the average sale price has increased by 5.2 percent.

Community leaders say they are staying focused on affordability despite newfound popularity.

"The housing market is improving. We've had record numbers of home sales and that residential base is what, I think, is fueling the confidence of entrepreneurs," Papenfuse said.

The mayor and others attribute the success to businesses bringing people, and people bringing in businesses.

"I think we have a lot of momentum. We're going to keep with doing more projects as quickly as we can, reinvesting and finding out investors. We're seeing other investors now coming to town who want to invest in this city," said Brad Jones, CEO and President of Harristown.

From July to September 2017, Cumberland County sold more homes than Dauphin County. Both counties sold more homes than York and Perry counties combined.

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