HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A bilingual exhibit stopped in Pennsylvania for the first time at Harrisburg’s Whitaker Center.

“This is the first one of many,” said Manuel Haro.

From Feb. 9 to May 31, you can visit the Whitaker Center to see the new bilingual exhibit, which is based on the book series “The Questioners.”

The books promote STEAM and the power of innovation while celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusion, which is what the exhibit highlights.

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“This connects with more than just our Spanish-speaking community but also our entire community that are trying to introduce their kids and the connectivity that we have to one another even though we come from different backgrounds,” said Meron Yemane, a board member with the Whitaker Center.

The exhibit features more than 50 different experiences where children can build and launch airplanes, build suspension bridges, and create interactive plans and city diagrams. Architecture discussions, career advancement, and leadership engineering workshops are also included.

“You really see that sparkle in their eyes when the kids go from exhibit to exhibit, trying new things, exploring, you know, asking the right questions, or asking any questions. And you know their excitement is what excites us here at the Whitaker Center,” said Yemane.

This is the first time the bilingual exhibit travels to Pennsylvania, and some hope it’s not the last.

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“I think this is the beginning. I think this exhibit is demonstrating to others, other organizations, just like I said you know there used to be a shoe store, used to be an ice cream shop, used to be this, used to be that. Well, we have a lot of other entities here now. It’s become an educational hub down here,” said Gloria Vazquez Merrick, executive director at the Latino Hispanic American Community Center.

The exhibit is open Thursday through Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.