As COVID cases surge in Nepal, central Pa. community wants to help


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — India is seeing a huge surge in COVID cases. And across the border in Nepal, doctors are warning of a major crisis.

In the Harrisburg metro area, there is a community of 25,000 Nepalese people. They’re looking to send aid back home to help loved ones.

According to the World Health Organization, Nepal had 9,023 new COVID cases Saturday, compared to 288 one month before.

“People cannot go to any hospital. There is not any spot to go to in the hospital,” Khagen Ghimirey, Vice President of the Nepali Bhashi Association of Central Pa. said.

He talked with a friend in Nepal on Friday who said it’s not a good situation.

“He’s like sitting in the home, taking care of the family so it is like really bad, getting worse and worse every single day,” Ghimirey said.

Major towns and cities are in lockdown imposed by the country and all domestic and international flights have been suspended this week.

“No flights, no buses, nothing like that. No transportation,” Ghimery said.

Ghimirey says those in Harrisburg want to help and are starting to collect monetary donations.

“So that people can get like oxygen, you know what I mean?,” Ghimirey said. “A lot of people, they are dying because of the money. They’re are not getting enough help from the government.”

The government has pledged several times to increase the number of hospital beds and boost the treatment and preventive measures. However, there hasn’t been any significant change.

“They do have a vaccine, but not enough like us that we have over here,” Ghimirey said.

He hopes the situation gets better and travel can resume between the U.S. And Nepal.

“Yeah, they miss their friends and family but the health is important,” Ghimirey said.

If you would like to donate, you can call 717-516-1146 or email

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