Coronavirus and cars; keeping them clean, buying a new one


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — In this week’s Show me the Money the coronavirus pandemic has left its mark on all aspects of our lives, a big one is our cars, whether looking to get a new one or simply taking care of the one you already have.

Karl Brauer of Kelley Blue Book goes over the essentials of keeping your car safe from germs during the outbreak.

“Wipe down any areas like the steering wheel, the center console, the shifter, maybe the controls in the center area of the dashboard, the door handles and of course the seat belt, don’t forget we grab the seat belt when we get in and out of the car,” Brauer said.

But it’s also important to remember the health of the car itself.

“A lot of us are staying at home because of the pandemic and that means a lot of us aren’t driving our cars, is there a danger to having our cars just sitting like this for so long? A lot of people have wondered about that and the good news is if you have an otherwise healthy battery and the car’s in good running order, it can sit for 2 to 3 weeks without really having a problem. If it’s going to sit longer than that it’s a good idea to sit it in a battery charger or a tinder of some type or start it up, if you have to start it up and take it for a drive you can do that too. Maybe take it for a drive for 15 minutes every 1-2 weeks you can do that indefinitely and the battery will be ok,” Brauer said.

If you’re in the market for a new car, Midstate dealerships are closed physically, but they are selling online. Many will even bring the car to your house for a test drive, and deliver it if you decide to buy it.

Brauer says, “As we move closer to having businesses open back up again, is this a good time to buy a car, would you be able to find deals right now with dealerships hurting? The new car deals are really kind of unprecedented right now. If you are in the position of being able to buy a car and needed one anyways and you’re looking in the new market specifically, seven years for 0% financing is a pretty amazing deal, deferred payments up to three months, sometimes more is deferred payments often means you’re building interest but if it’s a zero interest loan there’s just no downside to deferred first payment as well as zero interest loan and you can get all of that on a lot of new models right now so we do recommend people who can financially swing a new car and need a new car, this is a good time to take advantage of it.”

If the pandemic has you in a jam and you can’t make the payments on the car you have now, call your financial institution and explain your situation.

Many are working with customers on a delayed payment plan without fees or penalties

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