(WHTM) — Wellspan Health says its data shows 92% of all COVID patients in its hospitals are unvaccinated.

“We are certainly like much of America seeing another surge of COVID infections that require hospitalization and that’s unfortunate because the vast majority of them were preventable,” Dr. Tony Aquilina, chief physician executive and executive vice president of WellSpan Health said. “And 100% of our deaths in the month of August were in unvaccinated patients.”

Many find it hard to believe people still aren’t getting the shot.

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“It disturbs me to no end that people won’t follow the science,” Steven Schiffman said.

That’s from a survivor of COVID-19 and someone who was vaccinated well before he got the virus.

“I was pretty lucky. They told me that without the vaccination I wouldn’t have made it out of there,” Schiffman, who spent three days in the hospital at the end of July said.

Schiffman has COPD and asthma, putting him at greater risk.

“The reason I was in the hospital was because probably an unvaccinated person who spread it to me,” Schiffman said. They may have a personal choice but they don’t have a choice to infect me.”

Aquilina says the data is clear that the vaccines are extremely safe and effective.

“The more people who get vaccinated, the less opportunity that virus has to mutate because it requires a person to host that virus for it to replicate,” Aquilina said.

To look at the data for yourself on WellSpan’s COVID-19 dashboard, click here.

A spokesperson for Lancaster General Hospital says over the last few weeks 80% to 85% of patients admitted with COVID-19 are unvaccinated and a majority of vaccinated patients are immunocompromised.

A spokesperson for UPMC said, “The data at UPMC hospitals in central Pa. aligns with the national data in that almost all of the COVID-19 positive patients being admitted to the hospital for a higher level of care are not vaccinated.”

Vaccines are safe and readily available, for free, in our communities. The best thing for people to do is if they haven’t been vaccinated, get vaccinated. For more information on vaccine availability with UPMC, visit vaccine.UPMC.com.

Additionally, in large group settings and public spaces, especially indoors, people should be careful and take preventative steps – avoid crowds, socially distance and wear a mask.”