Are pregnant women more at risk for Covid-19?

Coronavirus in Pennsylvania

Research is showing certain populations are more at risk for Coronavirus complications. These include older adults, people with medical conditions like lung disease and also, pregnant women.

For moms-to-be, pregnancy changes their immune system to protect the growing baby, which makes it more difficult for mom to fight off infections.

During pregnancy, a woman’s heart and lungs are also strained as they are working to support both mom and the baby and since Covid-19 is a respiratory infection that impacts these areas, doctors say it is especially important for pregnant women to protect themselves.

“They (pregnant women) had increased hospitalization, and they had increased ICU admissions, and they had increased incidence of mechanical ventilation when they compared them to women of the same reproductive age with COVID-19 that were not pregnant,” says Dr. Tosin Goje of the Cleveland Clinic.

Doctors say whether your pregnant or not, the precautions to protect yourself from Coronavirus are the same.

  • Wear a face covering
  • Social distance when possible
  • Maintain good hand hygiene

If you are pregnant, doctors stress it is important to attend all prenatal appointments and to call your doctor if you are not feeling well or notice decreased fetal movement.

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