SHIREMANSTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) — With the recent statewide increase in COVID-19 cases, it’s clear that this pandemic isn’t done with us yet.

Imagine dodging the virus for an entire year, only to get it as the vaccine is almost within reach.
That’s what happened to Aubree Gallucci of Shiremanstown.

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“I was more worried about — and I still am — did I give it to somebody? How did I give it to somebody? Every precaution I followed,” Gallucci said.

Earlier in the week, she said her head felt like a freight train, and then she felt nauseous.

“That’s when I knew something wasn’t right. It wasn’t just the flu,” Gallucci said.

Sure enough, it was COVID. While she may be positive she refuses to feel negative.

“I just wanna help people, and it’s good to talk about it,” Gallucci said.

She’s found comfort in cooking, music and tending to plants, but now she wants to tend to other COVID patients.

“Once you’re done with this. You’re already brave as a person. It’s a brave new part of you now that you went through it and survived,” Gallucci said.

Still, she knows COVID looks different for everybody. She says trust your instincts.

“If they feel that something is seriously wrong with their body, make sure you get tested because it’s hidden,” Gallucci said.