CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — New vaccination numbers are encouraging in the face of surging COVID cases across the country.

All 50 states are seeing an uptick in people getting their shots. Health leaders believe one of the reasons is concern about the delta variant.

Scott and Tasha Douglas live in Carlisle. The couple just got their doses of the vaccine on Saturday.

“We weren’t going to do it, and then the delta variant changed that,” Scott Douglas said.

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They were hesitant because they wanted to see the long-term effects of the vaccine. They were also both working from home and saying socially distant. So they planned to wait a while to get their shots. Then the delta variant showed up.

“It made me think twice so I started doing some research. I’m a numbers guy and I started looking at the numbers and the efficacy of the different vaccines. So we made the decision to go ahead and get vaccinated,” Scott Douglas said.

“We decided it was time to pull the trigger and do it. We’ve been hiding out for a long time, but the delta variant, it’s too much of a risk,” Tasha Douglas said.

They say they are both glad they did it, because of the extra layer of protection it will provide.

“It’s an insurance policy, not a guarantee,” Scott Douglas said.

“We can still get it, being fully vaccinated, but just a much milder version. And the less risk we’re all putting ourselves at, the better,” Tasha Douglas said.

They understand why some people are still holding out, but they are encouraging everyone to do the research for themselves.

“You can make that choice, but make an informed decision. Do the homework and find the objective information,” Scott Douglas said.

Now they’re focused on the possibilities for their post-vaccine plans.

“Honestly I’m really looking forward to the two weeks after our second vaccine so that we can start planning to do some things,” Tasha Douglas said.