HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The state is talking about ways to protect unvaccinated children since younger kids don’t have the choice to get a vaccine.

Quentin Faison is a father of two and is excited to be out in public playing with his kids.

“We got vaccinated right away just to try to keep our kids healthy and safe as possible,” Faison said.

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However, he knows not everyone else is.

“When it comes to that, it’s scary going out into public sometimes, but my message would be to read and get as much information as you can,” Faison said.

“The harder days are, you know, just the nervousness of having your child go back out there and wondering if it’s our day to get COVID or not,” Rachel Rife, mother of four, said.

Rife continues to take precautions when it comes to her young kids.

“We’ve continued to hang out in smaller groups and keep the kids socialized but also having an awareness not to do huge groups and things like that that might be more risky,” Rife said.

Rife says protecting kids is a community effort.

“I do feel like getting vaccinated is a very personal choice and I do think, I guess, I’m encouraging people to go out there and get the information,” Rife said.

“We would hope that people understand that we have vulnerable people among us,” Dr. Denise Johnson, Acting Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Health, said.

The Department of Health and Department of Human Services says parents can choose to continue wearing masks.

“Families should feel empowered to wear masks when they’re inside if there are questions about the people you’re surrounded by whether or not they may be vaccinated,” Meg Snead, Secretary of Department of Human Services, said. “I think erring on the side of caution and having kids wear a mask is a good thing.”

It’s also recommended that unvaccinated kids participate in low-risk activities.

“The risk of covid-19 infection increases if unvaccinated children come from multiple households so in situations like this, the safest place to visit is outdoors,” Snead said.