HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is in quarantine on Wednesday evening after testing positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday. He said he’s taken precautions, but caught the virus anyway.

“This virus is an equally opportunity infector. It doesn’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican,” said Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman.

Even the Governor isn’t immune to contracting the virus. Wolf announced via Twitter that he tested positive for COVID-19, saying he’s symptom-free and quarantining at home with his wife, Frances.

“It illustrates that it doesn’t matter who you are or what steps you take, the virus is such an animal that it can grab you and create problems for you going forward and your family,” Pa. Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa (D) said.

Republican President Pro Tempore-elect Jake Corman and House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff, who have battled Wolf over shutdowns and the election, both tweeted Wolf best wishes. But some say his diagnosis is proof stricter regulations are needed.

“COVID is everywhere in Pennsylvania and I do expect that the Governor and secretary Levine will be taking the steps necessary to combat that,” Fetterman said.

Senator Costa shares the same concern as Fetterman, saying Pennsylvania has to do more.

“That’s what the numbers indicate. It’s not what I want or the Governor wants, it’s what the numbers tell us,” Costa said.

Gov. Wolf says he’ll work remotely like so many other Pennsylvanians are currently doing to help limit the spread of coronavirus.

“I know the Governor is gonna be just fine and that’s all I’m praying for, that he and Frances be well and I expect that they will be,” Fetterman said.

The governor reiterated his call for mask-wearing and social distancing to keep the virus at bay. 

Gov. Wolf’s Press Secretary Lyndsay Kensinger confirmed multiple members of the Governor’s security team have also tested positive for COVID-19. She also said Wolf has primarily been at his residence or PEMA over the past few months.