LANCASTER, Pa (WHTM) — At Custom Prescriptions of Lancaster, the COVID-19 vaccination process started slow.

“We were a little bit anxious because we were not sure if we were going to get it or not,” Georges Lahoud, a pharmacist at the independent pharmacy on North Duke Street, said.

However, now that they have the vaccine the phone keeps ringing from patients checking on open appointments.

Lahoud said the demand of the vaccine is outpacing supply.

“As far as a supply we try to get as much as we can to accommodate within the capacity of the pharmacy,” Lahoud said. “We don’t always get the amount we request. Sometimes it’s much less.”

Independent pharmacies all around Lancaster County have reported similar stories.

Administrators from the Pennsylvania Department of Health said they’re not getting enough of the vaccine either.

James Dickson, a Lancaster resident, was able to get vaccinated on Monday at Custom Prescriptions of Lancaster.

Dickson, who fits in the 1A phase, told abc27 News that he was able to get an appointment because his relatives had to cancel theirs.

Dickson said it shouldn’t require a stroke of luck to get the vaccine.

“It’s frustrating,” Dickson said.