HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — As health officials work to get more people vaccinated they’re also trying to educate them. That’s because there are a lot of rumors and myths that are scaring people away from getting their shots.

So far Pennsylvania has given the vaccine to more than 1,084,000 people so far. But not everyone wants to get it.

One common reason health experts are hearing from them is the fear that the COVID vaccine is linked to infertility.

Dr. Jennifer Gell is a reproductive endocrinologist with Geisinger.

“There is no evidence that the vaccine causes infertility,” Gell said.

Not only is that rumor wrong, but it could also be dangerous because it’s discouraging some from doing their part to end the pandemic.

“We all have to continue to do the behaviors that have been shown to help get us beyond the pandemic,” Gell said. “Wearing masks, social distancing, avoiding large group gatherings. And now being vaccinated when you have access to the vaccine.”

Not only does the vaccine not cause infertility, but Dr. Gell said it’s also being recommended for pregnant women.

“It is not a live virus vaccine and so the type of vaccine that it is is safe in pregnancy,” Gell said.

In Pennsylvania anyone who is pregnant is already eligible to get their shots.

“We know in pregnancy if women get covid they have higher risk disease with more complications. So what you’re really weighing is the potential very small risk of vaccine versus the benefit of preventing covid during pregnancy,” Gell said.

For those nervous about getting the vaccine when it’s their turn, Dr. Gell says there’s a simple solution: talk to your doctor.

“It really again becomes an indivudualized conversation,” Gell said. “Specifically for each patient, what are your risks? And what is the benefit to you to get the vaccine.”

If you’re looking for even more information about the vaccine, the PA Health Department has a list of frequently asked questions and answers here.