MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — COVID cases continue to surge nationwide, in some instances infecting even vaccinated people.

Breakthrough cases are rare. CDC data show that less than 0.1% of vaccinated people have gotten an asymptomatic case of the virus.

Daniel Lupia is one of those unlucky few.

When he started feeling sick last week he originally thought it was just allergies or a cold. He felt positive that he tested negative for COVID.

“Just doing it to kind of check the box. I went through and got the results back positive and I was shocked,” Lupia said.

He’s been fully vaccinated for months now.

“I’m also thankful that I’m vaccinated because if I’m this bad now, I can’t imagine how much worse I would be if I hadn’t been vaccinated getting this,” Lupia said.

Most COVID spread is happening among unvaccinated people, and health leaders like Dr. Anthony Fauci say they’re largely to blame for the rare breakthrough cases.

“The unvaccinated, by not being vaccinated are allowing the propagation and the spread of the outbreak, which ultimately impacts everyone,” Fauci said. “The solution to this is get vaccinated and this would not be happening.”

Lupia’s story is proof that we’re all still vulnerable to the virus.

“If you’re not vaccinated, get vaccinated. If you are vaccinated it could be a breakthrough so just be cautious if you’re having any symptoms and feel sick,” Lupia said.

Despite catching COVID he says he feels lucky he got it after being fully vaccinated.

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“It’s much easier to overcome this than being in the hospital and a full bout of covid. It is well worth it,” Lupia said.