ETTERS, Pa. (WHTM) — Debates over getting the covid vaccine are dividing friends, families, and our country. For some it isn’t just a matter of opinion, it’s costing lives.

On Monday, Theresa Rosenberry and her family were devastated by the loss of her brother-in-law Dale. She says what breaks her heart the most is she feels it was avoidable.

“We are without a family member now,” Rosenberry said.

Theresa says her sister Donna and her brother-in-law Dale both think they caught covid from a large family gathering.

“They both got the sniffles, but my sister Donna had had the vaccination and she got over it. He just wasn’t rebounding,” Rosenberry said.

The family had hope he would eventually recover.

“They were actually thinking he’s turned the corner, he’s getting better. And that was literally Sunday afternoon,” Rosenberry said.

When he passed away on Monday his family was left heartbroken, especially because they think the vaccine could have prevented his death.

“Partially he was afraid to get it because he did have a history of asthma. But partially he didn’t get it because he just didn’t trust the system,” Rosenberry said. “It’s just heartbreaking, I don’t know.”

Now she hopes sharing his story will help others learn from her loss.

“If one person gets a vaccination, just one, it’s worth it,” Rosenberry said.

For others, she has a warning.

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“If you don’t want to get the vaccine, that is your right. But you’re going to need to get your affairs in order and talk with your significant other if you have one about where you want to be buried if you want to be cremated, insurance policies,” Rosenberry said. “Because this is a very good chance that it could happen to you.”