HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Department of Health announced the state’s masking order will be lifted on June 28, or when the state reached 70% of adults fully vaccinated. The mask order will be lifted when either one happens first.

“After reviewing the vaccination data for people 18 and over and discussing it with the COVID-19 Vaccine Legislative Task Force, we have determined that the commonwealth’s mask order can be lifted on June 28 or when 70 percent of adults get their second dose, whichever comes first,” Acting Secretary Beam said.

Governor Tom Wolf previously said he would lift mask mandates after 70% of the population over the age of 18 is fully vaccinated. That’s about 7.1 million people, according to the state health department.

According to the latest reports, the state is already on track to meet that goal in a matter of weeks — so long as everyone who has that first dose gets their second.

“Businesses, municipalities and school districts may require to continue to wear masks and some folks may make the personal choice to continue to wear a mask,” Beam said.

Midtown Cinema in Harrisburg asks that unvaccinated customers wear a mask, but hasn’t made a decision for after June 28.

“We all are pivoting every single day because new information is coming out every single day so we haven’t made a decision as to what will happen for our organization at the end of June,” said Stuart Landon, Director of Community Engagement of Midtown Cinema.

Capacity restrictions on businesses and events will be lifted on Monday. Business owners called for the Department of Health to lift the restrictions ahead of the holiday weekend, but the Department of Health is sticking to its May 31 date.

“We did have a robust discussion about the ability to move forward but we also wanted to, again, as we’ve done throughout this month lifting these mitigation efforts, to be able to provide as much consistency and then also be able to provide a little predictability for folks really weighed in heavy favor of us keeping that May 31 date,” Secretary Beam said.