HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — In a ruling overturning the early November decision by the Commonwealth Court, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided Tuesday to keep the school mask mandate in place until at least Dec. 8, when the court will hear oral arguments.

Health experts say that’s not a bad idea.

“When we have people wearing masks we don’t see transmission, when people are not wearing masks we do,” UPMC Infectious Disease specialist Dr. John Goldman said.

Health professionals advise parents to get their children vaccinated if eligible because this will help prevent the spread of the virus especially during in person learning.

“Schools are a perfect set up to transmit COVID lots of people close together there’s lot of people that have the potential for COVID there are lots of people who may get mild illnesses and think they have something else,” Dr. Goldman said.

On Nov. 10, the controversial school masking mandate was voided, after the Commonwealth Court found Acting Health Secretary Alison Beam’s mandate didn’t follow proper procedures and was adopted without an existing disaster emergency declared by the governor.

The court sided 4-1 with the state Senate Republican and others who sued in September.

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However, that created an automatic stay pending appeal to the Pa. Supreme Court.

That ruling put in that the mandate would end Dec. 4, and give local districts the power to implement a mandate. But now, the Supreme Court says it’ll be in place until Dec. 8 pending further consideration.