Senator Bob Casey speaks to COVID-19 vaccine reluctance in Pa.

Coronavirus in Pennsylvania

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — It might seem hard to believe now, but the day might come when Pennsylvania has too many vaccine doses and not enough takers.

What are leaders like Pa. Senator Bob Casey (D) doing to prepare for that day?

“There a substantial challenge with regard to vaccine hesitency,” Senator Casey said.

And yes, that was heard right. Even as millions of Pennsylvanians demand to know when their turn is coming, millions of others aren’t so sure they want a turn.

Polls say something like one-in-four Americans is reluctant — even among healthcare workers — and especially in minority communities.

“It’s not simply that people have questions about the speed at which the vaccines were developed or questions about the process or questions about access. There’s also some recent and terribly disturbing American history,” Senator Casey said.

Causing concern, Senator Casey said, even though the evidence overwhelmingly shows that the vaccine is safe and saving lives. To learn more about the coronavirus vaccine in Pa., visit abc27’s Vaccine Information page.

And as for York city’s police commissioner? He did more than just talk about the importance of getting a shot.

When York Police’s Michael Muldrow, who has asthma, got his COVID-19 shot, abc27 was there to witness his opportunity.

“Because I felt as if they see me do it, and they see me take that leap of faith, that they might be a little more willing to take the vaccine,” Muldrow said.

When Muldrow says “they,” he’s talking about his officers and people of color. Dr. Oralia Garcia Dominic, a health researcher, talked about the importance of not only the message but also the messenger.

“So anytime that there is any outreach for Latinos or African Americans, Asian-Pacific Islanders, LGBTQ+, veterans, we have a group in place where they are not just our employees but they become the voice,” Dr. Dominic said, so that everyone eagerly awaits “their turn.”

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