Side hustle success during pandemic

Coronavirus in Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The pandemic has had a serious impact on unemployment with thousands out of a job right now, but some are making side hustles work for them, and they’re proving to be pretty successful.

“This was the first newborn shot I did for a high school friend of mine,” said Stephanie Shatto, who lost her full-time job during this pandemic.

She’s always loved photography.

“I treated myself to a really nice camera for Christmas and just started to go out and learn,” said Shatto.

Always a hobby, her passion has now became something more.

“I started social media pages for instagram and facebook and everybody started sharing them for me,” said Shatto.

And Dorothy Rose Studios was born. It was a leap of faith she took after losing her full-time job during the pandemic.

“When everything shut down and we weren’t allowed to do sales, unfortunately my department got completely eliminated,” said Shatto.

Shatto admits losing her job was scary, but her new venture is paying off.

“I’ve gotten requests for one-year old pictures, engagement photos, I’m excited,” said Shatto.

Single mom Sunny Markley was in a similar boat. She has a full-time job that wasn’t affected by the pandemic.

“I’ve always worked a part-time job and my part-time job was affected unfortunately and all the employees were laid off,” said Markley.

So she took matters into her own hands to make up that lost income.

“I decided to actually sign up for Uber Eats, instead of Uber and do food deliveries, and so I started out with Uber Eats and then I added on to Door Dash,” said Markley.

Markley says it’s been even more successful than she anticipated.

“I was under the impression that people were being a little frugal with spending, but that to me doesn’t seem to be the case at all,” said Markley.

Markley says she makes between $20 and $25 an hour and being able to make her own hours is a big plus.

“In the evenings after I get off work from my full time job I’ll sign on if I want to, from like 5 to 9 and usually I can do $50 in one night,” said Markley.

As for how long she plans to keep doing this.

“Maybe around Christmas or the holidays or when I need extra income, I would consider it, but it does wear you out. It’s a lot of work,” said Markley.

Markley plans to reward herself with a vacation soon.

“I need to stay busy, busy and I need to do what I can, to provide for my family,” said Markley.

Meanwhile, Shatto has some advice for anyone on the fence about following their dreams.

“Life’s really short, so if you can figure out a way to make it happen, just jump right in,” said Shatto.

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