State revises occupancy limits for indoor and outdoor gatherings in Pa.

Coronavirus in Pennsylvania

Governor Wolf has revised capacity limits in Pennsylvania, allowing for more people at both indoor and outdoor events.

According to the state, this is all happening because COVID-19 cases are declining and more people are getting vaccinated.

Indoor gatherings have now increased to 15% of maximum occupancy, and outdoor events can now have 20% of maximum occupancy, regardless of the venue size. Previously, the limits were based on a certain percentage of a venue’s maximum capacity.

“We’re at 20 percent, which is going to put us at about 2,000 occupants, guests that we can have in the venue to watch the Barnstormers game or attend any of the other events that we plan to have in the stadium. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than what it was,” said Michael Reynolds, Lancaster Barnstormers General Manager.

“We are certainly seeing some folks start to put in some holds for some rehearsals starting this summer, into the fall. We do see a lot of activity starting to build,” said Andrea Shirk, Rock Lititz Manager.

This updated order does not change the requirements for permanent business operations, like bars, restaurants, gyms and amusement parks, which can still operate at 50% maximum capacity, but the change could affect those places in certain instances.

“For any of our shows, because those are fixed venues within the amusement park, that’s where we’re seeing the lesser capacity restrictions in place,” said Jeff Eisenberg, Director of Marketing for Dutch Wonderland, Old Mill Stream Campground, and Cartoon Network Hotel.

The out-of-state travel restrictions are over as well, a welcome change for Carlisle Events.

“It’ll help the hotels and businesses in the Cumberland Valley because you’ll have people that maybe they still don’t want to go too far, but they can make an overnight, into coming to central Pennsylvania and being a part of the car show,” said Mike Garland, Public Relations Manager for Carlisle Events.

These changes are all made with the caveat that social distancing and mask wearing are still enforced.

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