HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — An update on the huge stockpile of PPE being stored at the Farm Show Complex: Sources tell abc27 News that as long as the equipment is there, the complex will not host events for rent-paying customers. A task force will look at where to move it.

The Farm Show Complex has nearly one million square feet of indoor space, and typically hosts 80 events a year. Because of COVID that all changed.

State officials say it was chosen to store PPE because it’s a secure and centralized location and can store large quantities, but as more places and events open up, questions remain as to when and where this PPE will be moved.

“The Farm Show played a really important part during the pandemic, but as we’re opening up and moving forward, we need to make sure that we find another place for the PPE,” Rep. Patty Kim, (D-Dauphin) said.

An abc27 source sent a photo from last March showing row upon row of boxes, and another that shows PPE stockpiles in August. The state has said a long-term plan for the stockpile is under development. No timeframe was given for when that could happen.

“There’s a sense of urgency. We need to open up the Farm Show because it makes money for the economy. When visitors come, they stay at hotels and eat at restaurants,” Rep. Kim said.

So Rep. Kim, along with Department of Agriculture and Department of General Services officials, state representatives, county commissioners, and tourism officials will be part of a task force, starting soon, looking at solving this problem.

Right now, there is no alternative place in mind, but in the short term, there may be a way to have the PPE at the Farm Show Complex and host events.

“The PPE is not in every location of the Farm Show, and I think right now, we can find a compromise where we can stick it in one location, and then have another hall that is not the whole Farm Show but at least have a portion of the Farm Show that could open up,” said Rep. Kim.

According to state officials, the PPE distributed so far in Pennsylvania, along with the current stockpile at the Farm Show Complex, is approximately $51 million worth.