HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — On Thursday, abc27 received an update about the ongoing saga over troves of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies being stored at the Pa. Farm Show Complex in Dauphin County.

On Wednesday, a group of Republican state lawmakers claimed sources told them some of that PPE had been taken to an incinerator.

Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams), Rep. Seth Grove (R-York) and others arrived at the complex on Wednesday morning with the intention of seeing the PPE stockpile — despite already knowing that they would be denied access after refusing to sign a disclaimer stating no pictures would be taken and nothing would be said of what they saw.

Governor Wolf’s Office called that a lie, saying it was simply “conspiracy theories” created by the lawmakers. Wolf’s spokesperson also said that the disclaimer was created out of an abundance of caution to ensure public safety.

Adding, with millions in PPE, “details of our stockpile must remain confidential so as to not invite any threats.”

On Thursday, the Wolf Administration did say there was a batch of medical supplies, including COVID test vials, that was stored at the Farm Show Complex and has since been destroyed.

A spokesperson says those supplies were donated by the federal government, and once they expired, they followed standard procedure in disposing of them — saying the medical community does the same thing.

The Governor’s Office added the supplies — and not any PPE — were taken away in a garbage compactor truck.