HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Pennsylvanian Department of Health is expecting shipments of the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine this week. Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel Levine says she is optimistic for the new year that Pennsylvanians who want to get vaccinated, will be able to get the shot.

Now that the holidays are over, Dr. Levine expected vaccination efforts to move into high gear.

“I really think that some of the estimates from the federal government, especially estimates during the holidays were higher than they should’ve been. I think it was always going to be a challenge during those two to three weeks to be able to administer the vaccines that were sent to us,” said Dr. Levine.

As of Monday, 135,044 Pennsylvanians have been vaccinated and 115 Pennsylvania skilled nursing facilities have received vaccinations through the federal partnership with CVS Health and Walgreens.

During the first week of the new year, the state is expecting 166,725 doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

“97,500 of those doses are for the second dose for the health care personnel who received their first dose three weeks ago,” said Dr. Levine.

Levine could not give a timeframe on when vaccinations will be ready for the next phase but say the recently signed COVID-19 relief bill will help with funding to allocate vaccines.

“As we move on from 1A, 1B, and 1c, we’re going to need to start mass vaccination clinics and we’re going to need that money to actually contract with health care workers to be able to do that,” said Dr. Levine.