Does your stance on COVID coverage align with other Americans?


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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Pandemic has been driving headlines for over a year now — this story is no exception — but as states slowly recall the last of their mitigation orders, Americans’ COVID attention rates are once again on the move.

As Pennsylvania, and the greater U.S. moves closer to a full return to normal, evidence shows that Democrats and Republicans are thinking more alike than ever.

In a survey from the Pew Research Center of more than 12,000 Americans, data reveals that political opponents increasingly believed the U.S. had controlled the coronavirus pandemic as well as it could have with the most notable swing in opinion coming around the time of mass vaccine roll-out.

It makes sense in theory — as conditions improve and mandates are lifted, satisfaction rates followed suit.

When the same groups were asked if the pandemic had become a bigger deal than it actually was, they generally agreed more over time

Above all, it’s proof we really are in this together, in more ways than one, and proof that Americans are just tired of the coronavirus.

In Pennsylvania, we’re still awaiting the final change to lasting COVID mitigation efforts – the mask mandate which is set to expire by June 28.

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