The latest on the coronavirus outbreak: Friday


Impacts on Pennsylvania:

According to Johns Hopkins University, there are 7,345 confirmed cases in Pennsylvania, that’s 1,200 more than yesterday at this time. There are also 92 deaths, which is 18 more than yesterday. Seven of those deaths are here in the Midstate with York County reporting its first fatal case, four in Lancaster County, one in Dauphin County, and one in Cumberland County.

There are now 511 total coronavirus cases in the Midstate, bringing the total to 105 more than yesterday:

  • 18 in Adams County
  • 41 in Cumberland County
  • 67 in Dauphin County
  • 23 in Franklin County
  • 2 in Juniata County
  • 203 in Lancaster County
  • 45 in Lebanon County
  • 2 in Mifflin County
  • 3 in Perry County
  • 102 in York County

Six employees at the New Cumberland Army Depot have tested positive for COVID-19. The first case at the Defense Distribution Center Susquehanna appeared Tuesday. The depot says all six workers are getting treatment and anyone who may have come in contact with them are being notified. About 2,000 people work at the depot.

There’s a new case at the Lebanon VA Medical Center. Six patients have now tested positive, five of them are outpatients and one is inpatient.

UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine are waiting for FDA approval of a potential COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine was tested on mice and delivered through a fingertip-sized patch. If it gets FDA approval scientists will begin clinical trials.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health says about 10% of patients in the commonwealth have had to be hospitalized and 130 required a ventilator. Now the state is preparing for a surge in patients over the next few weeks or month and is looking at models to try to forecast beyond that.
Governor Wolf is also easing licensing requirements and re-activation fees for health care professionals. That’s so those who are retired could go back to work and help with the impending surge.

Impacts Nationwide:

The number of confirmed cases in the U.S. is now 245,573 with 6,058 deaths.

President Trump has invoked the Defense Production Act to get more ventilators into hospitals.
The president says the move will help manufacturers in the U.S. get the supplies they need to make them. This comes one day after the U.S. accepted a cargo plane full of medical supplies, including ventilators, from Russia. That is a switch for the U.S. which is usually in the position to donate to other embattled countries.

The captain of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier hit with a coronavirus outbreak has been fired by Navy leaders who said he created a panic. Captain Brett Crozier was asked to step down from his position on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt after he wrote a letter to the Navy saying more action needs to be taken to save the sailors on board. Officials say he went outside the chain of command and sent that memo to too many people over an unsecured system. So far 114 sailors on his ship have tested positive. That ship is in Guam.

Two cruise ships carrying passengers with flu-like symptoms have been allowed to dock in Florida. The Zaandam and Rotterdam ships arrived at Port Everglades yesterday evening after coming to an agreement with local and federal authorities. The healthy passengers will go home but those who are sick need to stay on board for treatment. Passengers have been stuck on the ship for nearly three weeks. Four of them have died of coronavirus.

To stop the spread of the virus New York is now following Los Angeles. Insisting people to wear non-medical masks or face coverings in public and soon the White House is expected to issue similar guidance for more Americans but with a warning.

When it comes to financial help Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Americans will start to see direct deposit relief payments from the government in the next two weeks.

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