Harrisburg infectious disease doctor shares vaccine booster information

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Now, one major thing doctors continue to stress is how all vaccines are still extremely effective.

However, there’s a reason why we are not seeing a booster for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine just yet.

“When we look in our hospitals 95% of the patients were in the hospital with covid,” Dr. John Goldman said.

In the month of September, both Pfizer and Moderna booster vaccines will be available for those who already completed their second dose.

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In the meantime, those who got the J&J shot will have to wait a little longer.

“What went through my mind intentionally, well am I allowed to get the Pfizer or the Moderna booster because I am all about that extra protection,” Sarah Kleinert said.

Schoolteacher Sarah Kleinert says she received her Johnson and Johnson shot locally. Kleinert also says once the J&J booster becomes available she’s willing to get it.

“I would be interested in getting it definitely and I would because I want to protect myself, I want to be able to protect the ones I live with my friends, my family, and my co-workers at work,” Kleinert said.

UPMC Infectious Disease Doctor John Goldman says the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was intended as a one-shot dose.

As for mixing doses, Dr. Goldman says UPMC is looking into this study but says more work needs to be done.

“And in fact, UPMC has a study going on for mixing and matching vaccines to see if more side-effects if the immune response is more or less and the reason why it’s not being advised right now is we don’t quite know what’s going to happen,” Dr. Goldman said.

Dr. Goldman says as, for the Lambda variant, it’s a new case and not yet in the country but says well over 90% of COVID cases come from the delta variant. Yet, Dr. Goldman says if you’re unvaccinated, get a vaccine as soon as you can.

“On the other hand, the problem is not the people who are vaccinated and need boosters the problem is the people who are unvaccinated and are getting sick right now,” Dr. Goldman said.

As for Sarah, she says she’s willing to wait.

“I don’t mind waiting if it means that they have more time to finalize things and make sure it’s completely safe and ready. I’m okay to wait a little bit but I’m ready whenever they give the okay,” said Kleinert.

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