LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — At the Water Street Mission in Lancaster there is only one mission.

“We want to make sure people are cared for and loved for very well,” Greg Kessler, the Vice President of Health Services for Water Street, said.

Water Street Mission specializes in helping the homeless, and on Tuesday, they helped distribute COVID-19 vaccines to that population.

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“I was asked by several guests are we going to get it here,” Keller said. “There has been absolute enthusiasm.”

The vaccine clinic represented a shot of hope at Water Street, which has largely avoided outbreaks of the virus.

However, proving nothing has been easy during the pandemic the clinic was supposed to be supplied with Johnson and Johnson vaccines because of the one and done factor. When Water Street administrators learned about the concerns over the vaccine they switched it to Moderna vaccines.

“We’re signing people up immediately so they can get their next vaccine in four weeks,” Kessler said.

Union Community Care provided the vaccines.

Jackie Concepcion, vice president of community impact at Union Community Care, said it’s exciting getting vaccines to people who historically have had a hard time getting the care they need.

“We are targeting everyone that wants a shot,” Concepcion said. “Because it’s going to take the whole community for us to really have a sense of returning to normal.”

Kessler said vaccinating Water Street residents has a ripple effect in the community.

“They have worth no matter who is out there and it protects everyone,” Kessler added. “With the high risk of other health conditions this will help mitigate that and we are able to treat them wholly.”

About 65 people got the vaccines on Tuesday.