YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania won’t hit its goal of 70% of adults being fully vaccinated by June 28th, but the Acting Health Secretary is optimistic we’ll get there soon.

As of Thursday, around 59% of Pennsylvania adults are fully vaccinated. The Department of Health and Acting Secretary Alison Beam had originally set June 28th as the date they expected to hit 70% by.

“Heading into Monday’s 70%, we knew it was an aggressive goal. That’s how we’ve done this entire response is making sure we set the bar high. We’re still aiming to always make that and surpass it,” Beam said.

She says the mask mandate for everyone will still expire on June 28th as planned.

Beam pointed out that nearly 75% of adults in the state have gotten their first shots.

“Pennsylvanians continue to show up to get vaccinated and so hopefully everyone actually follows through with that second shot and we’re able to progress to that benchmark soon,” Beam said.

She believes we’ll get there with events like the Health Equity Tour stop that happened in York on Thursday.

“Those events are going to be how we’re going to progress through these summer months and actually going to work to continue to achieve that 70% benchmark we set out,” Beam said.

One of the booths at the event was a Family First Health pop-up vaccine clinic. Erin Schmidt is their covid community coordinator.

On Thursday they didn’t give out many vaccines.

“So far we’ve only just done one. But one is better than none,” Schmidt said.

They’re trying to combat vaccine hesitancy by having people at the booth to answer questions.

“People are still fearful and they don’t know what the vaccine is going to do to them, how it’s going to make them feel,” Schmidt said. “So we’re here to educate and answer any type of questions so that they can make the best decision for themselves,” Schmidt said.

Whether it’s one new person or a dozen, she says they’ll be there, ready to give out shots.

“We’re still here. We’re still willing to help and vaccinate, and when you’re ready you’re ready,” Schmidt said.

Family First Health is bringing their mobile vaccine truck out over the weekend to Hanover Pride and the Living a Positive Life event to do more vaccinations. They also offer HIV testing.

Hanover Pride will be happening at Moul Field from noon to 7:30 pm.

Living a Positive life is happening on Sunday from noon to 4 pm on York’s restaurant row.