Personal care doctors work to break down walls of vaccine hesitancy

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HUMMELSTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania is very close to 50% of the adult population being fully vaccinated. If you’re on the fence about getting the vaccine, it’s important to turn to someone you trust.

Dr. John Muscalus, an osteopathic physician in Hummelstown doesn’t administer the COVID-19 vaccine but gets a lot of questions about it.

“The first thing I ask them when they come into the office is, have they had their COVID-19 vaccination,” Muscalus said.

Dr. Muscalus says 70% of his patients say they’re fully vaccinated or will be soon.

“Between 20 to 30 percent have told me that they haven’t had it and aren’t sure what they’re going to do about it,” Muscalus said.

Long-term side effects seem to be the biggest concern among patients.

“The people on the fence, I tell them first of all, they have a greater than 99% chance that they will not have a complication from the vaccine itself,” Muscalus said. “However, I tell them that if we want to end this pandemic and stop the spreading of the virus, I think the vaccine is the best way to go about doing that.”

Dr. Robert Lennon at Penn State Health says don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions, especially if you’re not sure what to believe.

“They’re not going to think you’re dumb or a bad person or irrational if you talk about these things that you heard and ask these questions, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask those questions,” Lennon said.

Not only are you at greater risk if you’re unvaccinated, but doctors also say it gives the virus more of a chance to evolve.

“The problem is, eventually it will mutate into something that’s exceedingly dangerous,” Lennon said. “We don’t know when or how but eventually that roulette wheel is going to come up and come up with a disease that is devastating and understand when I say that, it’s in the context of covid which has already killed 3 and a half million people worldwide

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