HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania is approaching three million fully vaccinated residents. Its goal is eight million. But what about people who say, “thanks, but no thanks?”

The state’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout was sluggish — but not anymore.

“Now, all adult Pennsylvanians who want a vaccine can get one,” Acting Pa. Health Secretary Alison Beam said.

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But what if they don’t want it? Larry Carter had his doubts.

“At first, I was kind of shaky, I didn’t want to take it,” said Carter, who ended up getting vaccinated in Harrisburg.

So did Laureen Walker.

“That it hasn’t been really researched long enough,” Walker said.

Beam said Pa. is approaching a tipping point where it may have more shots than willing recipients.

That said, how concerned is the state health department about people who are gonna chose not to?

“We’re incredibly concerned,” Beam said. “The more people who are vaccinated means the faster we can stop the virus.”

Carter got his at a Harrisburg clinic, but knows of folks saying not so fast.

“They just don’t want to take it for some reason, a rebellious thing, you know, I don’t need to do this it’s no good,” Carter said.

The health secretary says she can preach about vaccine safety. But for that to work, she says Pa. needs people like Carter to spread the word.

“It’s gonna take the community discussing it, discussing how folks post vaccines are safely and effectively going back and being able to be in the small gatherings,” Beam said.

Walker is now an ambassador of the vaccine.

“I was second guessing myself as far as getting it but I got it done now so we’re good,” Walker said.

The secretary says the state’s goal is an 80% vaccination rate.