HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Local groups are hosting vaccine clinics, but the number of people coming to them is dropping.

On Thursday AFL-CIO and NAACP partnered with Rite-Aid to host a vaccine clinic at the Camp Curtin YMCA in Harrisburg.

Only a few people came out to get vaccinated. But AFL-CIO PA President Rick Bloomingdale says every shot matters because it gets our community one step closer to immunity.

“It’s so important right now with the state opening up, getting back to work. We want everybody to be safe, vaccinated, and healthy,” Bloomingdale said.

Shawnicka Bruner works at that YMCA, so she didn’t even have to leave work to get her shot. She says that convenience helps.

“I don’t have to worry about going anywhere, waiting in line. It was easy to do the enrollment then again have my son come and get it done here,” Bruner said.

She convinced her teenage son Nyshawn Carter to get his with her. In fact, she’s been hesitant to get hers which is why she waited so long.

It was getting her son vaccinated that finally convinced her to go for it too.

“Making sure he’s safe is my number one priority,” Bruner said. “I decided to get it with him. Because he didn’t want to get it and I said ‘Mommy is going to get it with you’ and that helped out.”

Now he’s glad he did.

“I felt kind of happy because I play football too and going around playing different teams you don’t know what people have and stuff so that’s why I felt safer now,” Carter said.

Bloomingdale says AFL-CIO plans to keep organizing vaccine clinics, even if only a few people come out to get the shots.

“The more people that get it, the safer that we’ll all be. With the Delta variant going around, we’ve just got to make sure that people are safe and healthy,” Bloomingdale said.

Now Bruner is encouraging others holding out to get theirs too.

“I feel it was the right decision and I’m glad I did it now, I should’ve did it before,” Bruner said.