HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM)– In another push to get Pennsylvanians to roll up their sleeves, Pennsylvania Physician General, Dr. Denise Johnson says you may be the secret weapon.

“If you already have been vaccinated, we really urge you to tell your friends and family about your experience and your reason for being vaccinated and help them to make those good decisions by getting good information,” said Johnson.

Rochalice Wiley was working as a volunteer at a vaccine clinic and was on the fence about getting the shot herself.

“I didn’t fully understand it and I was more scared of it, but while I was standing there watching everyone get their vaccine, the doctor came over and explained things and that sealed the deal for me,” said Wiley.

Now, she has a message to people who are where she was.

“Take care of yourself and the people around you and go for it,” said Wiley.

That also goes for people who already had COVID-19.

“It is recommended that people who have had COVID and recovered still get the vaccine,” said Johnson.

The state says there will be more clinics and more outreach to get people vaccinated.

“We’re also expanding our provider network so you’ll see independent pharmacies as well as independent physician offices starting to get vaccines so we can get it closer and more accessible to people,” said Johnson.

As Pennsylvania continues to see thousands of new COVID cases each day, Dr. Johnson says that’s all the more reason for everyone to get vaccinated.

“If we still have a cohort of people where the virus is still circulating, then the more the virus circulates, the more variants emerge,” said Johnson.