CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Cumberland County held a town hall meeting on Monday to talk about a looming funding crisis for mental health services.

People living with mental illness, relatives of people with mental illness, local law enforcement, and mental health experts all gathered together at the Lower Allen Township Municipal Building.

Cumberland County, the state’s fastest-growing county, is currently growing beyond what is currently provided in terms of funding.

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“I fear that the school districts won’t have the additional support that they need, that they lean on us to provide that support. And what will happen is a trickle down affect where the crisis will be called, children and youth will be called, law enforcement will be called because those preventative services aren’t in place,” said Megan Johnston, Child and Adolescent Service System Program Coordinator.

The speakers asked there not be any cuts for funding for mental health treatment and expressed hope for more funding through the state.