(WHTM) — Two commonly used cancer drugs are in short supply nationally, and the Midstate is no exception.

Doctors are being forced to ration Cisplatin and Carboplatin by prescribing the lowest-possible effective doses.

The supplier of the two drugs is in India and the plant was shut down for safety reasons and production is still not up to speed. Local hospitals say they’re doing everything they can for patients.

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“We’re being very honest and open about everything that’s going on and very transparent. So all of our patients know that there are nationwide shortages of these drugs, particularly Cisplatin and Carboplatin, and that we’re really working within the entire UPMC system to make sure that we have drug for them,” said Chip Reninger, medical director of UPMC Hillman Cancer Center.

Similarly, Penn State Health told abc27 it has “seen shortages of some cancer drugs but has had success with alternate distribution sources and is able to meet our patient needs.”