CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — Franklin County officials have events planned in May as part of Mental Health Awareness Month.

This year’s theme is Quarantine Creativity. This weekend, May 14 through 16, there will be an art show at the Mental Health Association in Chambersburg. It will also be available to view online.

Mental health advocates say this year has been especially hard for some people because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“[It’s] because we’ve gone to this online world and we’re made to be creatures of affection, or touch each other, at least be in the presence of each other and we’re missing that,” Cori Seilhamer, Mental Health Program Specialist for Franklin and Fulton Counties said. “We’re missing the socialization.”

On Friday, May 21, there will be a virtual walk put on by the Mental Health Association in Chambersburg to support mental health awareness.

Second Lady of Pa. Gisele Fetterman will be the keynote speaker.