Only one in five adults and teens get the recommended amount of exercise, according to the American Heart Association.

The recommendation is 2.5 hours of physical activity every week.

If you’re looking for a new way to get active, CrossFit is a fitness trend welcoming people of any age and any fitness level.

CrossFit by definition is constantly varied functional fitness done at high intensity — a mix of Olympic weight lifting, bodyweight exercises, gymnastics, and cardio.

It sounds intense so Daybreak’s Amanda Peterson and Meteorologist Brett Thackara went to CrossFit Condor in Mechanicsburg to give it a try.

The 60-minute workout contained an extensive warm-up, the “WOD” or workout of the day for strength and “AMRAP” as many rounds as possible of cardio exercises.

Amanda and Brett enjoyed the experience, both saying they would go back.

All beginners are invited to CrossFit Condor on Saturday mornings when they host a free intro at 9 a.m., details here.

As for the health benefits, CrossFit offers resistance training, cardiovascular training and something for mental health — a community.

Brian Drapp joined CrossFit Condor 14 months ago, starting with the free intro class.

“It’s made a big difference as far as how I feel, how I perform throughout the day,” Drapp explains.

Plus, he’s down 26 pounds.

“I have lost inches off my waist. I am 58 years old and I feel really great about it,” says Drapp.

Drapp remembers being apprehensive prior to his first workout but says his nerves were calmed quickly.

“Everything you do is scaleable,” he explains. “There’s an alternative to every exercise and someone here to help you do it.”

The CrossFit Condor community goes beyond the gym, too. Often participating in charity events and doing activities together like dinners, rafting and more.