Healthy Living: Boosting your immune system with food


Entering cold and flu season, many will take extra precautions to keep from getting sick.

The foods you eat can boost your immune system, defending your body from the inside out.

According to Shanna Shultz, a nutritionist with Giant Food Stores, vitamins A, C, E and zinc will help build strong tissues, providing a good barrier against colds and viruses.

Shultz says you can get these from supplements but she suggests first trying to get these nutrients from food.

Vitamins C, E, A and zinc are known to boost immunity.

Many people think of citrus for vitamin C, but Shultz says a red bell pepper actually has triple the vitamin C of an orange.

As for vitamin A, she suggests eating eggs or winter squashes.

Sunflower seeds, almonds, and peanut butter are all great sources of vitamin E, while meats, seafood, beans or milk have zinc.

If a food allergy keeps you from eating these foods, Shultz says supplements may help you fill the gap, but she suggests talking to your doctor or a Giant pharmacist before taking anything.

To shorten the duration of a cold, eat foods high in vitamin C and zinc.

As for soup for a cold, swap it with bone broth which has protein to help you feel better while building up your immune system.

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