Healthy Living: Finding motivation for winter workouts


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — During the coronavirus pandemic, many have turned to at-home workouts to maintain physical activity levels but as the temperatures drop, motivation may also drop. What can you do to stay active?

According to Julie Wallock, co-founder of the app “Charge Running,” findng a group or a partner will help you stay accountable.

Using the app, runners around the world can run together virtually which Wallock says creates a sense of community.

Exercising outdoors has many health benefits, she explains like boosting our mood and helping us avoid the winter blues.

But when temperatures drop, anyone exercising outside should keep a few things in mind.

“Dress appropriately. Not just warm, but dry. Dress as if it is 15 degrees warmer than whatever the weather is,” says Wallock. “Another good thing to do is to wear bright colors since its usually darker.”

Finally, Wallock says to protect your extremities by covering your head, ears, and hands, since your blood tends to go to the core of your body when working out.


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