Healthy Living: Ordering takeout


Many of us are a little tired of cooking at home and we want to support local restaurants so we’re ordering takeout, but those orders may impact your waistline.

Many times restaurant servings are double or triple the serving size you would consume at home and we don’t realize it.

One way to cut calories is to simply cut the portion in half before digging in. Save the leftovers for later and stop eating when you feel full.

Your order can also be adjusted to benefit your health. Choose a meal with a lean source of protein like chicken or salmon, choose grilled instead of fried options, asking for half the amount of cheese can cut calories from your meal, and ordering dressings or sauces on the side allows you to control the portion you put on your dish.

Finally, choosing a la carte options can help you assemble a meal to meet your health needs. Ordering a protein, then adding sides like vegetables or fruit.

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