Healthy Living: Tips for a healthier Halloween


It is the time of year where trick-or-treaters bring home huge stashes of sweets but there are ways to avoid a sugar rush and have a healthier Halloween.

Amanda Frankeny, a registered dietitian with the Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network, shared a few tricks for families.

First, she says to fill up kids with healthy, satisfying foods before letting them leave the house for trick-or-treating. When kids have a full stomach, it leaves less room for junk food.

Frankeny also pointed out there is not a need to ban candy because studies show kids who are not allowed to eat it will eat more when they have access to it.

Help your child learn how to manage sweets by allowing them to eat as much as they want on Halloween night but after, by keeping candy as dessert after a meal.

If parents limit the number of pieces of candy a child can eat, let the child choose the kids they want.

To practice perfect portions, families can serve snack-sized options and if you have a large amount of candy on hand, only keep a small bowl of candy out. You can hide, freeze or throw out the rest.

Frankeny says introducing your kids to the “switch witch” may encourage them to part with their sweets. Have your child put out some candy for the “switch witch” and when the witch comes, she takes the candy and leaves behind a toy instead.

Since a large part of Halloween is the candy, Frankeny shared a few festive and healthier recipes.

Monster teeth can be created with apples, yogurt-covered raisins, and nut butter.
A pumpkin smoothie can’t be easier with canned pumpkin, yogurt, sugar, and spice.
No-Bake Bat Energy Bites never looked spookier with peanut butter, honey, oats, cocoa powder, chocolate chips and broken tortilla chip wings.
Add olive for “eyes,” and use food coloring to make pasta purple. Your favorite dish will turn into Halloween spaghetti!

Finally, if you do eat a little extra this holiday, Frankeny says simply move a little more to even out the playing field.

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